Read, talk, sing, write, play.

Parents set the stage for a child's success. From birth to age five, a child’s brain shapes itself from the stimulation of each new experience. By age six, a child’s brain is almost 90 percent of its adult size. Children’s positive experiences in these earliest years build the foundation for a lifetime of learning and healthy development.

Parents can dramatically increase their children’s potential to succeed by spending time every day doing five simple, but powerful, activities together — reading, talking, singing, writing and playing.

Doing these activities together prepares your child to enter kindergarten ready to learn to read. These five activities build brain connections and the capability to develop early literacy skills — the skills needed to begin kindergarten. Doing these simple activities every day is the most important thing you can do.  

Give your child plenty of opportunities to talk and be listened to, to read and be read to, to sing and be sung to, to draw and write for fun, and to play with you and others.