Reading Lists: Adults

While it has gotten a lot of press for its frank sex scenes and exploration of the BDSM lifestyle, Fifty Shades of Grey is, still, at its heart a story about two people trying to find themselves and discovering one another in a complicated relationship. While you wait for your hold to come in for this extremely popular title, we hope you'll enjoy some of our other suggestions.

So you've read Stieg Larsson's explosive Millennium Trilogy series featuring the antisocial, but lethal Lisbeth Salandar, and Henning Mankell's series starring the rumpled, introspective Kurt Wallander. Maybe you know about the Inspector Martin Beck series by grandmasters of Swedish detective fiction, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo. Expand your reading horizons and try some of these other Scandinavian authors.

Kathyrn Stockett's The Help tells the story of the many African American women who kept white households running smoothly while laboring under the inhumane and inhospitable conditions of 1960s Mississippi. Here are some stories that share the themes of injustice, struggle and compassion.

A Game of Thrones brought of breath of fresh air to epic fantasy. The characters were capable of cruelty and lust, magic was de-emphasized and morals were grey. Whether you’ve just discovered George R. R. Martin or have been a fan for years, check out these read-alikes.