Reading Lists: Adults

Brew yourself a pot of tea or mix up a tall gin and tonic, then curl up and enjoy these British television shows.

In Life after Life, Ursula Todd is born again and again in 1910, her circumstances changing each time. Here are some other novels that share the traits of Atkinson's innovative novel. 

If you're a fan of Mary Roach, you know ~exactly~ why you're a fan of Mary Roach. Maybe her choice of topics--sex, death, outer space, the paranormal, and now the human digestive system. Could be her sense of humor--6th grade potty humor with a dash more irreverence. Perhaps it's her smarts and fearlessness. She doesn't talk down to you and she'll try anything once. She loves the world a whole lot and wants to find out all about it, and have a great time in the process. Here's a list of suggested reading while you're waiting for her latest book, Gulp.

Hush Puppy is on a quest to save her father and to understand the beautiful and chaotic world around her. While you're waiting to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild, take a look at this list of movies and books about precocious children trying to maneuver in sometimes violent and disturbing worlds where magic and reality combine.