Reading Lists: Adults

In The Reason I Jump, a remarkable thirteen-year-old Japanese boy with severe autism shares firsthand insights into a variety of experiences associated with the disorder, from behavioral traits and misconceptions to perceptions about the world. Here are some other memoirs and novels written from the point of view of children with disabilities, the adults they become, and the families who love them.

While it may be true that sous chefs lurk around Portland backyards harvesting weeds and other unlikely foodstuffs, who can blame them? We're surrounded by things that just, like, grow from the ground, but look good on a plate at an elegant dinner.

Oh for the days when the rules governing the undead were simple. Nowadays there are super-speedy zombies, morally conflicted werewolves and vampires suffering from post-modern malaise. Check out these titles that will challenge your stereotypes of the supernatural.

Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes has captured the imagination of readers for over 120 years. And in that time, the character has gone far beyond Doyle, with authors of all genres telling tales about the legendary sleuth of Baker Street. Here are just a few.