Reading Lists: Adults

Reza Aslan's  book about the life of Jesus has generated controversy for both the point of view adopted in the book and the publicity around the release of the work. While you wait for your copy take a look at this list of other titles that provide varying viewpoints on the life of Jesus.

Alice Munro is a master of the short story. This Nobel prize-winning author has an astonishing ability to create nuanced characters and stories that go to the heart of the complicated relations between people.
Though Munro's writing style is unique, here are some equally talented writers who elevate the short story to a fine art.

Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane is an intriguing and atmospheric fantasy that tells the story of a child who stumbles into a mesmerizing and sometimes dangerous world.
While you wait for your copy, try these tales of people surprised by odd circumstances and other worlds that bump up against our own.