Reading Lists: Current events

El 16 de septiembre comúnmente se celebra el inicio del periodo de la historia de México conocida como la Guerra de Independencia, cuando en la madrugada del 16 de septiembre de 1810 el padre Miguel Hidalgo da el llamado "Grito de Dolores". En esta lista encontrará información histórica en una variedad de formatos -- libros, páginas web y DVDs -- e incluso de fuentes y autores que están en desacuerdo. 

Geocachers use their high-tech GPS equipment to find Tupperware in the woods ... and surprises at the public library. If you want to get started on your own explorations, check out the books here.

Have you ever walked by one of those extended-curb planting areas in your neighborhood and wondered what they were doing there? According to the City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services, these are green streets, capturing stormwater runoff and using it to filter pollutants and replenish groundwater rather than sending it straight back to the Willamette. Here are a few books to tell you a little more about them.

Pete Seeger used music as a tool to fight for social justice. His belief in the power of song inspired many and also made him a target for people who didn't like his message. Here are some titles about the life and times of the great Pete Seeger.