Reading Lists: Computers, science & technology

During the 2014 Earth Science Week, October 17th is marked as “Geologic Map Day.” A geologic map is one which shows, visually, the layout of rocks, soil, and other geologic features. Does the library have any examples of geologic maps? You bet! This list gathers some of the most popular ones, with a special focus on Oregon. If you have any questions about maps at the library, just ask a librarian!

Geocachers use their high-tech GPS equipment to find Tupperware in the woods ... and surprises at the public library. If you want to get started on your own explorations, check out the books here.

We have all been new to different types of technologies at some point.These books are very user-friendly for the beginner and use color pictures to help you as you learn to use the Internet, your new iPad or other new technology.

Sure, we've lived on Earth our whole lives - but how well do we know it? Learn more about our home planet with these great titles.