Reading Lists: Troutdale Library

Troutdale Library shares what we are currently watching and what music we are currently listening to for the month of November.

This list is our procrastination list--the ones we feel like we should read/watch, or ought to have already, but that we haven't (oh the shame!). We are gonna do it when we get a round to it! (Did your dad or grandma or uncle ever hand you a circle of wood with "TUIT" emblazoned upon it?) Voila--a round tuit! SL

Summertime, and the reading/listening is easy! Whether it's too hot to move, except for flipping pages, or the perfect cool summer morning walk where we catch up on our audiobooks, here's what's got Troutdale staff's eyes and ears at the moment. SL

Summertime is a great time to try out our streaming music, or if it's just too hot, binge watch a whole season. Here's what the Troutdale staff are watching or listening to! Enjoy, and stay hydrated. SL