Reading Lists: Science fiction/Fantasy

Finding your attention span is a little short these days? Don't want to make a big commitment? Try these great reads from the last few years that are between 100 and 200 pages.

Do you want to stir up your inner Marxist? These sci-fi labor films will do just that. They tackle the biggest and most complex labor, health, immigration, and social issues the world is facing today.
Have you ever wondered about the status of immigrants and refugees in the future? You can get a glimpse of their working and living conditions in these sci-fi films.

SF and fantasy that either examines gender, or has LGBTQIA+ characters, for someone who liked Gideon the Ninth, In Other Lands, and House of the Spirits. This list was created by a librarian for someone asking for recommendations. Get a list of your own by filling out the form at