Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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Discussion questions

Spoiler alert! Some of the questions contain key elements of the plot. Do not read if you don't want to know what happens!

  1. Marty loves animals. What details does the author provide, right from the opening paragraphs of Shiloh, that make this clear to readers?
  2. What kind of person is Marty? Describe him.
  3. "A lie don't seem a lie anymore when it's meant o save a dog," Marty says in Shiloh," and right and wrong's all mixed up in my head." Does what is right and what is wrong ever get mixed up in your head? Why do good people sometimes disagree about what is right and what is wrong? How can they reconcile those differences?
  4. People in Marty's community try to stay out of each other's affairs as much as possible. What are some of the advantages of treating your neighbors this way? Are there any disadvantages? Does your community have a similar philosophy?
  5. Marty feels that his choices in Shiloh come down to either hiding the dog and keeping it secret, or giving it back to Judd. Are there other possibilities he hasn't considered?
  6. Have you ever been in a situation similar to Marty's? How did you handle it?
  7. There are times in this book when Marty has to keep secrets from his family. Is this wrong to do or is it justified?
  8. What kind of person is Judd? How do you think he got to be the way he is?
  9. "Thought once if I could just get Shiloh for my own, it would be the finest day of my life," Marty says, after he and Shiloh's original owner, Judd Travers, reach their agreement in Shiloh. "In away it is, in a way it isn't." Why is Marty so torn? Would you be?
  10. Have you read any of the other books in the Shiloh series? How do they compare? Are they are good as the first one? Better?

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