More about School Corps

  • Since School Corps started in 1997, they’ve created more than 4,000 book collections for teachers, getting more than 131,000 library books into the hands of students. We estimate that by creating these collections, we’ve saved educators more than 8,700 hours of time.
  • The ready-made Buckets of Books average more than 500 circulations per year.
  • School Corps has made 827 presentations to show more than 20,000 students how to use the library’s research resources. After these presentations, 94% of students show an increase in knowledge.
  • We’ve made nearly 2,800 booktalking presentations to more than 83,000 students to get them excited about great books.
  • In addition to visiting students during the school day, School Corps brings programming into after-school classrooms. We made almost 24,000 student contacts.
  • School Corps circulates more than 70 programming kits annually to after-school sites, so that their staff can use the curriculum to provide their own programs.

Educator endorsements

Chris Gustafson, Library Media Specialist, Richmond Japanese Immersion Elementary School
"I just had a chance to investigate the Novel-Ties link and the book list to accompany We Refuse to Be Enemies. Great resources, and I'll be sharing them with my students and our parent community. Many, many thanks.”

Robin Mauldin, Arleta Elementary
“This is one of the best things Multnomah County Library does to support teachers. I am so happy to get the book buckets. It really helps students get more, more and more books into their lives!”  

Jaydra Johnson, Wilson High School English teacher
“Loved getting the library cards delivered. Appropriate number of book talks and letting students choose the ones they wanted to hear about was awesome. I appreciate all your efforts.

Chloe Timmons, Lincoln Park SUN
"We invited Kate to come and talk to our Hispanic Coffee Club which is a group of Spanish speaking parents who come together once a month. Kate talked about the English support services that families have through the public library. She was patient as I struggled with getting all of the technology set up and worked through our technical difficulties. She was also willing to work with our interpreter which was great! I really appreciate her thoughtfulness in bringing library card registration forms and all of the fliers as well. The families were really responsive to the presentation and are interested in starting a group to do Mango Languages together!

KayLynn Mather, Clear Creek Middle School
“I love the depth of knowledge that asking School Corps a question like this brings. I use "Ask a Librarian" a lot for book requests and suggestions, but they do not always have the eye of a teacher to meet the need. My only complaint about using School Corps is that the turn around is often so long that the answer may not be helpful by the time I get it. I understand why this is--I am just giving feedback on what would improve this service for me. :) When/if I use School Corps for research type lists or help I know well in advance of the need, so the time frame is fine. When a student is waiting for a reading book suggestion it isn't as much.” (School Corps contacted her to let her know we can in fact meet a faster turn-around time for readers advisory questions where she does not need the books in hand, but rather just a list or a couple titles!)”

Laura Recker, Cesar Chavez Elementary
“I am so grateful for this service. It is a HUGE support to my work! Thank you!”

Aimee Havens, Vernon Elementary
“I really can't say enough how much this service has positively impacted my teaching. I wouldn't be able to focus on social justice topics without it. My class has achieved critical thinking, text connections and created a community where we can talk openly about race and racism. Jackie is fantastic. All I have to do is send her a link and she finds the books and adds appropriate titles. Everyday when I sit down for read aloud (my favorite time of the day!), I am thankful for Jackie!” Jackie created a bibliography about Native American History, Black History, Women's History, Black protagonists with positive character traits for this teacher.” 

Ellen Farrell-Burns, Glencoe Elementary
“I was able to combine the MCL resources with my own resulting in a document that my school and PPS library staff used extensively. Your support for the 2016 elections resources has been extremely important in preparing students for this year's presidential election.”