Roland Smith

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Discussion questions

  1. Dylan's mother leaves the country for five months on a work trip. How does Dylan's family life change after his mother leaves? How would your life be different if one of your parents took an extended trip away from home?
  2. Do you believe in the existence of cryptids - animals that are believed to exist but haven't been proven to exist? Do you think it is possible that the Sasquatch might live in the wilderness?
  3. Sasquatch is set in and around Portland and Mount St. Helens. Did you like reading a novel set in our community? What neighorbhoods did you recognize?
  4. How does Dylan react to his father's new hobby? How would you react?
  5. What is Dr. Flagg's opinion on accepted ways to study the Sasquatch? What do you think of these methods? What does he plan to do with the Sasquatch once captured?
  6. Have you visited Mount St. Helens? What was your experience like? Did you see any existence of the Sasquatch?
  7. What does the term "harvest" mean in this novel?
  8. Is Dylan brave or foolish for going with Buck to Mount St. Helens? Why do you think so?
  9. Each part of Sasquatch begins with a quotation from the Bible. Take a second look at these quotes and discuss why the author might have chosen those particular passages.
  10. Buck says, "Fortunately for the Sasquatch, very few people believe in them. It's the only thing that has kept them alive all these years." What does this statement mean?
  11. Would you recommend this book to other readers?

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