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Tired of being stuck indoors? These resources will lead you to great spots for outdoor recreation in Portland and the surrounding areas

Anyone interested in the beauty of the natural world will be drawn to the interlocking fields of art and science that natural history illustration creates. From the Biodiversity Heritage Library's digital collections to Seba's 18th century curiosity cabinets, from Genevieve Jones' nests and eggs to Van Grouw's denuded birds, this list covers a large range of natural history illustration and writings over the centuries.

If you are a student researching a country, don't miss these helpful resources.

In The Reason I Jump, a remarkable thirteen-year-old Japanese boy with severe autism shares firsthand insights into a variety of experiences associated with the disorder, from behavioral traits and misconceptions to perceptions about the world. Here are some other memoirs and novels written from the point of view of children with disabilities, the adults they become, and the families who love them.

While it may be true that sous chefs lurk around Portland backyards harvesting weeds and other unlikely foodstuffs, who can blame them? We're surrounded by things that just, like, grow from the ground, but look good on a plate at an elegant dinner.