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Talking to kids explicitly about race is challenging for many adults, especially white adults, who may be entirely new to this conversation. But research shows it's the best way to raise antiracist kids. The good news is that books can provide the language and pictures to help guide these very important conversations. Here are some of my favorites.

Picture books showing characters disrupting stereotypical gender binary roles, showing boys exhibiting emotional literacy, featuring female animals not coded with stereotypical clothing or behavior, and characters in jobs outside stereotypical gender roles.

At the end of every month, I look over what I've read and pick the best, the jewel, the cream of the crop. At the end of the year, I try to choose the best book I've read this year.

Can't get enough of the Canadian TV series, Heartland? 14 seasons isn't enough for you? I'll be honest, me either. There's something about those pounding hooves, flowing locks, and soft eyes. Here are some great reads for the equine-loving teen.