Rockwood makerspace

Multnomah County Library's Rockwood makerspace is now open for teens!

  • The space is open for teen drop-in time Tuesdays through Saturdays, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm (except during scheduled programs)
  • Teens entering 6th through 12th grade are welcome!  
  • Teens can hang out, create independent projects with art supplies, get to know the makerspace equipment, use the tablets and laptops, and more!
  • Teen access will be on a first come first serve basis and time limits may apply.

Free makerspace minikits available at all libraries

Minikits are first come first served while supplies last. Minikits are made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation.

The makerspace minikits are STEAM-based activities in a bag, free to pick up at any Multnomah County library. All materials are included. 

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math.

The minikits are developed for teens, but with adult guidance, they are also accessible for younger kids. 

The minikits are designed with a leveled learning approach: The skills and knowledge practiced in early kits reinforce and support the learning activities in later kits. But they are accessible even if you start in the middle of a series. 

Soft circuits (available beginning June 11, 2022)

Soft circuits combine sewing and circuits into enlightening activities. These minikits use lessons learned in the circuit series and the fiber arts series. 

  • Experiment with circuit building and conductive thread.
  • Identify the difference between a parallel circuit and a simple circuit.
  • Move electricity to a light using conductive thread.
  • Use polarity successfully.
  • Make something cute that lights up. 


  • Texting gloves
  • E-sewing
  • Light-up wristband
  • Light-up monsters

Renewable energy (available beginning September 10, 2022)

Explores activities using renewable energy.

  • Use wind power to turn on a light. 
  • Experiment with chimney effect.
  • Can a lemon provide enough electricity to light up an LED?
  • Experiment with electromagnetic energy.


  • Solar updraft tower
  • Lemon power
  • Electromagnetic energy

Video instructions:

To contact the Rockwood Makerspace, please call 503.988.0462 or email  

For other library questions, contact us. We can help!

A space for teens to learn and create at Rockwood Library

The makerspace is a collaborative learning environment at Rockwood Library with an emphasis on middle and high school learners. The space provides access to innovative technology, equipment, software and supportive mentors. Within this 1,000 square-foot area, students learn real-life technology, design and engineering skills through open labs, workshops and camps.

Rockwood Library Makerspace

Rockwood Library makerspace is made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation and a grant from the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission through funds provided by cable companies

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