See to Read vision screening


Mon, Apr 15, 2019
5:00 to 6:00

Вход свободный по мере заполнения мест

See to Read

Come to the library for a free vision screening!

As many as 15 percent of all preschoolers have an undetected vision problem that requires treatment with glasses.  See to Read is dedicated to the sight and the success of Oregon’s children and will be providing free vision screenings at public libraries across the state.

The Elks Children’s Eye Clinic at Oregon Health & Science University’s Casey Eye Institute is offering free screenings across Oregon as a part of a statewide initiative called See to Read, which aims to detect vision problems that can only be treated successfully if caught before age 7. Children who are screened for vision problems at the event will receive a certificate that can be used as proof of vision screening.

Vision screenings are for kids ages 3-7 only.

¡Traiga sus niños entre 3-7 años para una revisión gratis de sus ojos!

La ley de Oregon exige que los estudiantes de las escuelas públicas menores de 7 años muestren comprobante del examen de la vista antes de entrar a la escuela. Los niños que sean examinados recibirán un certificado para ser presentado en la escuela.