Grolier Online

Use this resource to access:

  • Three general reference encyclopedias: New Book of Knowledge (great for elementary school students), Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (great for middle school students) and Encyclopedia Americana (great for high school students)
  • Two science encyclopedias: Amazing Animals of the World (great for elementary school students) and New Book of Popular Science (appropriate for both middle school and high school students)
  • Two social studies encyclopedias: America the Beautiful (State-by-state history and current events for elementary and middle schools) and Lands and Peoples (An encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events for middle and high schools)
  • La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre (A comprehensive encyclopedia for Spanish speakers and Spanish-language students)

Grolier Online is a one-stop resource for online encyclopedias and reference resources. It also has a general audience portal called Grolier Online Passport and one for kids called Grolier Online Kids. And here’s an added bonus: all the Grolier’s resources provide citations, so you can cite them in your research paper.

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