ALLDATA Repair: Library and Educational Version

Available at Gresham and Midland.

Use this resource for:

  • Component locations: Comprehensive illustrations show you exactly where parts are located in your vehicle
  • Service and Repair sections: Provides information to specific component repairs using OEM procedures and diagrams
  • Exploded diagrams: Simple drawings provide not only the picture of a part, but how to repair or replace it
  • Wiring diagrams: Detailed information including connector and splice locations. Follow circuit paths that allows you to view from either the system or component level
  • Diagnostic flow charts: Step-by-step procedures for testing and repairing hard to determine issues. These charts provide simple and concise information to isolate the issue through elimination. Included are Diagnostic Trouble Codes where applicable 
  • Vehicle identification number definitions: Offers Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Definitions, which include drivetrain definitions

A resource for automotive diagnostic and repair information includes service instructions, wiring diagrams, technical service bulletins and more. (1982 - present)

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