Policy for Collins Gallery Exhibits

The Collins Gallery exhibit area is used for library-sponsored displays. "Library-sponsored" is defined as having been created by library personnel or by community sources in cooperation with library personnel. If the library is not using the Collins Gallery, it may be made available for use by the public on equal terms regardless of the individual's or group's beliefs or affiliations. Use of space for certain exhibits does not constitute an endorsement of the organization's beliefs by the library.


Public libraries have traditionally encouraged and provided opportunities for free expression and free access to ideas for members of their communities by presenting points of view of subject through various formats. Exhibits are presented with an intent to inform the public of the wide range of issues, events and interests within the community.


Library use of the exhibit space takes precedence over use by other groups or individuals.

Collins Gallery exhibits shall be informational, educational, cultural or historical and are coordinated by the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff.

Collins Gallery exhibits are considered for presentation based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to broad-based and diverse community needs and usefulness to a general audience.
  2. Timeliness.
  3. Originality of content or approach.
  4. Relationship to library collections.

When staff is not certain about the appropriateness of a proposed exhibit, concerns should be referred to the Reference, Adult Services and Programming Coordinator and, if necessary, to the Central Library Director or the Director of Libraries.

Exclusions for exhibits include but are not limited to:

  1. Available space.
  2. Campaign materials of a partisan nature urging people to vote for or against a person or issue.
  3. Advertising designed for individual or commercial profit or gain.
  4. Individual artist's work.

Use of the Collins Gallery space may be denied or cancelled if any library regulation or applicable law is violated.


  1. A group that is not associated with the library must apply in advance to use library space by completing an application form.
  2. Collins Gallery exhibits are scheduled through the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff.
  3. The starting and ending dates of the exhibit will be agreed upon before the exhibit is installed.
  4. The exhibitor is responsible for installing and dismantling the display or exhibit.
  5. The organization or source of the display or exhibit must be identified with the display and in all publicity.

Collins Gallery Exhibition Guidelines

  1. An application for use of the Multnomah County Library Collins Gallery must be completed and submitted to the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff.
  2. Exhibit set-up is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be arranged with the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff who will assist the exhibitor in accessing the building, providing common supplies and tools, etc.
  3. The library has common supplies and tools available such as hammers, T-pins, tacks, wire, etc. If the exhibitor needs specialized equipment, they must check with the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff, who may be able to purchase the supply for ongoing use. If the library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff feels that the supply is too specialized, the exhibiting organization will need to supply it.
  4. Due to staff limitations and county regulations, the cases in the Collins Gallery cannot be moved to accommodate each exhibit. Nothing can be hung on the walls or placed outside the exhibit cases.
  5. It is recommended that the exhibiting organization have an opening reception only if there is a reasonable expectation of good attendance from the sponsoring organization as the general public normally does not attend openings. Receptions cannot be held on Saturday or Sunday due to lack of custodial support.
  6. The library can provide coffee, cold lemonade or punch, cookies or other light refreshments for an opening reception. The exhibiting organization must provide flowers or other decorations.
  7. All publicity and promotion of exhibits in the Collins Gallery must be coordinated with the library's Public Relations office.
  8. The library's Exhibits and Public Programs staff initiates the public relations process for the exhibit. This includes printed promotional materials, news releases and media contact. The Public Relations office has a system in place for publicity and, within the confines of the budget allotted for this purpose, will work with the exhibiting organization on a publicity plan.
  9. The library will use its bulk mail permit to mail up to 500 items in the metropolitan area. The exhibiting organization must provide printed address labels, sorted by zip code if possible, at least a month before the event. It takes time for staff to prepare the mailing and time for delivery for bulk mail. If printed labels are not possible, someone from the organization must address the mailing pieces.