Multnomah County Library space planning

Multnomah County Library is among the busiest public libraries in the United States. It also has the smallest amount of space of any library system serving a population of a similar size. In fact, the square footage of all 19 library locations in Multnomah County would fit inside the Seattle’s Central Library.

Because of the library’s small spaces, people in Multnomah County are missing out on programs, seating, space to work and collaborate in groups and much more. 

In 2017, the Multnomah County Library District Board approved the Framework for Future Library Spaces, a long term vision to expand and modernize library spaces to better meet community needs.

Since then, the library has been studying models for costs, funding, timelines and staging of projects to achieve the framework’s recommendations. When that work is complete, the library will share its findings and proposals to solve the problems identified in the Framework for Future Library Spaces.

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