Joeanally Gonzalez

Joeanally is a paraaraeducator with special education students, and volunteers for the documentary 'We are the most beautiful People' on a disability advocacy project. These experiences have deepened Joeanally's understanding of the diverse challenges in life, and have inspired her to promote inclusivity and empathy. Today, Joeanally stands firm in her dedication to using art, mentorship, and community involvement as vehicles for social change. She is filled with a sense of purpose and determination to build an inclusive and sustainable world. Her vision is to empower Latinx immigrants, inspire future generations, and foster a society that embraces the transformative power of the arts. With unwavering passion and an unyielding commitment to her dreams, she is ready to take the next steps on this extraordinary artistic path.


She particiapted on the Library Events Project 2021 and her book Nico, la babosa de plátano is now available digitally on