N'Kossi Boutique

Jean Pierre Nugloze has brought his unique international sensibility to fashion since 1995. His training as a tailor began in Lomé, Togo at Nides Creation Haute Couture and Venus Couture. He apprenticed under Classique Couture Chez Yve. His fine works of clothing have been sold in several West African countries and are popular with his growing clientele in Portland and on the West Coast. He designed and created traditional outfits for the fashion show at the Portland Pan African Festival 2017.

About the name
N’kossi has roots in several African languages, including Zulu, Swahili and Lingala. Spellings vary, but the meanings are similar: N’kossi can mean lion, ferocious animal, village leader, king, all-powerful being, or strong man. It is also the name of the former mascot of the boutique.