Rashad Pridgen

Rashad Pridgen a multidisciplinary dancer, performance artist and creative director, he is the conceptual creator of The Global Street Dance Masquerade: an ongoing street dance ceremony, site-specific performance art, creative direct action and community engagement process, that culminates with full-body, Pan Afro-Futurist masquerade suits. The GSDMQ8 has created numerous thematic suits and ritual performances for the last 5 years: The Bio Spirit Saftey Suit an exploration of the spirit of HIV/AIDS and the Orisha Babalu-Aye, A Masquerde 4 Prince, The Denim masquerade, The Pink Dogon Masquerade which is currently touring with Sadie Barnette's Eagle Creek Saloon installation. The GSDMQ8, pays homage to the dances of the masquerade worldwide, while honoring the roots of this tradition birth on the African Continent.