Public meeting scheduled on May 29 for siting of new Kenton Library

PORTLAND, OR – Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen and Director of Libraries Molly Raphael will host a community meeting on Thursday, May 29 at 7 p.m. at the Kenton Masonic Temple (8130 N. Denver Avenue) to discuss two sites under consideration for the planned new library in the Kenton neighborhood.

The two sites are at 8226 N. Denver St. and 2133 N. Argyle St. (the TriMet site). Both sites:

  • Are highly visible
  • Are on a main traffic route
  • Would have off-street parking
  • Would be storefront buildings with good lighting
  • Would meet the library's requirement for a workable floor plan
  • Would have buildings with a permanent, civic appearance
  • Would make fine libraries

Although negotiations with developers have not concluded, costs for each site are estimated to be comparable at this time, so cost is not expected to be a deciding factor.

At the meeting, developers of each site will make brief presentations, and members of the community will have the opportunity to provide input. Community members who would like to provide comments online can do so on Commissioner Jeff Cogen's blog.