Choosing an e-reader? Librarians can help you decide

PORTLAND, Ore. — Nov. 27, 2012 — If you’re confused about the world of digital media and devices, you are not alone. Before you purchase an e-reader for someone you love this holiday season, drop by one of the several neighborhood libraries in Multnomah County that are offering classes on how to choose the e-reader that will best meet your needs. Learn about the many devices available, which ones support downloadable library books, and what you should consider before making a decision.

For those who already have an e-reader but aren’t sure how to use it, or aren’t sure how to read and listen to library books with it, many Multnomah County libraries are also offering Is This Thing On? Get Help with Library2Go. In this class, librarians guide you one-on-one through the process of using the Library2Go service to download books and audiobooks for free with your Multnomah County Library card. Please bring your device and any equipment you need to download and transfer, such as a laptop and cord.

Whether you have an e-reader or not, you are welcome to join us on Friday, Dec. 28, at Holgate Library to learn all about the basics of downloading books and audiobooks from the library. E-books & More 101 will cover setup, checkout, download and transferring, and answer all your questions about e-books and e-readers.

“These free programs are a critical component of how Multnomah County Library champions reading for all members of our community,” said Director of Libraries Vailey Oehlke. “Public education about these evolving technologies helps ensure equal access to information, supporting the health and vitality of our community.”

In fiscal year 2012, library patrons checked out nearly triple the number of e-books than they did in 2011.

Look for more e-book and e-reader classes in the new year. All year long, patrons may set up an appointment for one-on-one assistance with e-books at Central and Gresham libraries, or visit the library website for librarian-compiled guides, tutorials, answers to common questions, free resources and more.

E-book and e-reader classes are made possible in part by The Library Foundation.