Multnomah County Library Patron Survey 2018

Thank you for completing this year's survey of Multnomah County Library patrons.

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Availability of books
Availability of CDs and DVDs
Availability of e-books
Availability of streaming & downloadable audio/video
Open hours
Staff assistance
Availability of public computers
Events and classes such as storytimes, book groups, computer classes, job seekers labs
Library website
Placing and receiving holds
Strongly agreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Provides good value for taxpayer money
Contributes to the vitality of the community & improves quality of life
Provides quality books and materials
Helps people reach life goals through resources such as job and computer labs, English language learning and citizenship preparation
Helps prepare children for success in school through educational opportunities like storytimes, Summer Reading and literacy programs for kids
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