Whether you’re thinking of retiring soon or many, many years from now, you want those years to be as financially secure as possible. Planning ahead is a wise idea to ensure that.

Retire on Your Terms:
The National Retirement Planning Coalition presents articles and tips about preparing for retirement, including calculators and news about the latest developments around this topic.

My Retirement Paycheck:
This website from the nonprofit National Endowment for Financial Education will help you answer questions like: when you should start collecting social security, whether or not to try to pay off all your debts prior to retirement, how best to use the value of your home, how long you should keep working, how to avoid fraud, and how to respond to a retirement crisis.

Social Security - Retirement Planner (en español):
The U.S. Social Security Administration’s retirement site will help you figure out your retirement age, life expectancy, learn about social security programs, and estimate your retirement benefits.

Retirement Savings Toolkit (en español):
The Department of Labor provides a number of online guides in Spanish and English to help you prepare for retirement from the moment you start working up until you’re ready to retire.

CNN Money:
CNN’s “ultimate” guide to retiring is a comprehensive site that includes information on everything from when you should start saving, to how to invest your money, to what to do if you’re running out of time, to comparisons between stocks and bonds, different annuities, and pensions and benefit plans.

To delve deeper in the quest for retirement savings, try some of these books