Buying and owning a home

For the first time buyer, purchasing a home can be a little overwhelming. Once you’ve bought your home, you might find you still need some help with making payments or with upkeep.

Portland Housing Center:
This organization can help you through the entire home-buying process, beginning with their Home Buyer Assessment and Home Buyer 101 courses.

Home Smart Oregon:
This is an online group of non-profit housing agencies that will guide you through the process of purchasing a home. They offer online classes as well as consultation for first time buyers.

Proud Ground (en español):
Proud Ground is a Portland-based organization that specializes in helping first-time home buyers purchase affordable homes through a Community Land Trust. Homes are sold well below market rates. Proud Ground also works with prospective home buyers in Gresham and Washington County. Free information sessi are held monthly.

U.S. Department of Housing - Homeowner Help (en español):
Buying a home is one thing; sometimes we need help to keep the one we’ve got. This federal government site provides a wide range of resources for homeowners who may be struggling with mortgage payments or possibly facing foreclosure.

State of Oregon - Foreclosure Help:
Help for those facing foreclosure and other’s with homeownership-related issues is also available through the State of Oregon. This site provides links to important information such as how to avoid foreclosure scams, going through loan modification, information for renters, and Oregon’s foreclosure laws.

Unlimited Choices:
This is a non-profit organization that provides home modification and repair for elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners. Don’t let life’s challenges move you out of your home before you’re ready to.

REACH: Community Builders Program:
REACH Community Builders is a program that offers free home repair to “low-income senior and/or disabled homeowners in Portland, Oregon.”

City of Portland - Fix-It Fairs (en español):
These fairs offer a wide variety of free workshops for the community, including ones that focus on saving on water and energy costs, weatherizing your home, and keeping your home safe and healthy.

These videos are ideal for walking you through simple home repair and improvement projects. Topics include: installing a water filter under your sink, fixing your dishwasher, caulking windows for better insulation, and multiple ways to unclog a toilet (who knew there was more than one?) Additional articles, videos, and podcasts can be found on the Handyguys website.

Okay. You’ve bought the house, you’re keeping it, now you want to know more about upkeep, right? Check out these DIY home repair books.