Banking and budgeting

Do you struggle to create a workable budget? Are you wondering about whether to save your money in a bank or a credit union? These resources will help you with all of that and more.

Bank Products:
This webpage from FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) explains in detail the different types of services offered by banks and credit unions.

Money Matters - Managing Your Money (en español):
These tips from the Federal Trade Commission will help help you set a budget, start saving, and know how to spend your money wisely. - Budgeting and Personal Finance:
This website has loads of articles and tools for taking control of your finances, paying off your debts, and saving for the things you want in life.

Dollar Times:
This site has lots of calculators to figure out how much you are spending on everday things like coffee or gas for your car. They also provide printable worksheets to help you set up your budgets for family, vacation, and pet expenses. All of them can be filled out online and then printed.

Get Rich Slowly:
These financial writers offer everyday advice on personal finance. The blogger’s premise is that get-rich-quick schemes seldom work, but everyone can learn to budget and save.

The Oregon Money Management Program:
The Oregon Money Management Program, from Easter Seals Oregon, “offers support to people with limited incomes who need help with money management tasks. Services are provided by trained and supervised volunteers who work one-on-one with individuals through three core services: Money Coach, Bill Payer, and Representative Payee.”
Try this easy to use, free budgeting software. (But check your bank or credit union, too. More and more online banking includes free budgeting software.)

You’ve started work on your budget, explored a few websites, but you still want to know more. You’ve come to the right place! Check out one of these these books that explore financial planning. Check out two, even; it won’t break your budget.