Library service FAQ

Updated March 18, 2022

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All libraries in Multnomah County are now open.

Can I use a computer or browse inside the library?
Yes. You can browse and access technology at all libraries

How much time can I spend at the library?
There are no time limits for accessing the library. Computer time limits are back to pre-pandemic sign-up rules.

How can I pick up my holds?
You can pick up holds any time, without an appointment (see hours). Please bring your library card with you, if you can.

Do I need to clean my library materials before returning them?
Please do not try to disinfect your materials at home as it will damage them. 

Will I be charged late fines if I don’t return the items I’ve been holding on to by a certain date?
No. Multnomah County Library is now permanently fine free! We no longer charge late fines. Read more about why we changed our policy and what it means for you. 

Can I call you with my questions?
Yes. Library staff are ready to help you in person or by phone, email or chat.

I need access to a printer. Can I print my items at the library? 
Yes. Free wireless printing is available at all libraries.

When will the library offer in-person programs? 
Currently, all library programs are online.

Can I book a meeting room for a future date? 
We are unable to reserve meeting rooms, even for future dates. We don’t yet have a date for when we will be able to offer meeting rooms for public use.

Are there any plans to close the libraries as a result of public health concerns? 
No, currently there are no plans to close libraries in response to public health concerns.