Library District Analysis Report

In 2010, an internal task force examined the potential formation of a library district. They were charged with exploring whether a district was financially feasible, whether it would work for both library patrons and library staff, and whether there were any other issues. This report is the result of their findings.

District Analysis Group Report (PDF, 161KB)

Attachment A - Multnomah County Library FY 2010-11 Adopted Budget (PDF, 13KB)

Attachment B - Library Districts in Oregon 2011 (PDF, 40KB)

Attachment C - Multnomah County Library Locations (PDF, 280KB)

Attachment D - Multnomah County AV, RMV, and Compression (PDF, 36KB)

Attachment E - Estimated Impact of Permanent Rate for District (PDF, 78KB)

Attachment F - Transfer of Public Employees (PDF, 34KB)

Attachment G - Text of Charter Amendment Adding New Chapter (PDF, 586KB)

Attachment H - Draft Library District Timeline (PDF, 40KB)