Library Building Projects FAQ

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Where will the new East County Library be located?

On July 8, 2022, Multnomah County Library and TriMet announced an initial agreement to begin a due diligence period of 120 days to negotiate the library’s prospective purchase of the Gresham City Hall Park and Ride as the site for the East County library. On October 24, 2022, the parties extended the due diligence period by 60 days with a goal of finalizing the agreement and purchase by early 2023.  Both parties will work together with the City of Gresham to establish the vision for the site and the surrounding area. Community engagement will be a huge part of the project with efforts led by the bond’s community engagement team.

What is the timeline for each project? 

Please see the project sequence chart for more detail. Each project will include community input before the design process begins. The order of projects will be updated as project timelines are confirmed.

Estimated completion timeline

New buildings

  • East County Library: a new library similar in size to Central Library (scheduled to be complete fall 2025)
  • Holgate Library: a new, larger library, three times the current size at the same location (scheduled to be complete spring 2024)
  • Northwest Library: a new, larger library with double the square footage at 2030 NW Pettygrove St. (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)

Renovated and expanded spaces

  • Midland Library: adding 6,000 square feet (scheduled to be complete early summer 2024)
  • Albina Library: growing to almost four times the current size (scheduled to be complete fall 2024)
  • North Portland Library: adding 1,500 square feet with a new Black Cultural Center on existing site (scheduled to be complete fall 2024)
  • Belmont Library: growing to three times the current size on existing site (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)
  • St. Johns Library: adding 1,500 square feet on existing site (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)

Refresh projects 

  • 11 more libraries receiving important upgrades, including Central Library (timelines vary; all scheduled to be complete fall 2025) 

Upgrades for better, faster service

  • Gigabit speed internet to all libraries (scheduled to be complete fall of 2025)
  • Operations Center: a new, efficient materials-handling facility (scheduled to be complete fall 2023)

Why are Holgate, Midland, Albina and North Portland closed for construction at the same time?

Holgate, Midland, Albina and North Portland have a similar timeline because they were identified as the best options for the first four projects. These projects didn’t require new land purchases which would have meant a longer timeline. These locations could receive community outreach and feedback at the same events because they are located close together. While Holgate, Midland, Albina and North Portland are closed for construction on these exciting updates, Multnomah County libraries will be providing services in our service languages in the areas most affected by lack of access. Find your nearest library location and other service updates.

How did the library choose these specific projects and locations to expand?

The Framework for Future Library Spaces looked at every library location across Multnomah County, and recommended the library roughly double its total footprint. The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners directed development of proposals to be in line with the Framework’s recommendations. To reduce taxpayer costs, the bond includes projects to address many, but not all, of the Framework’s recommendations.
The bond will address lack of library space east of Interstate-205 and expand some of the busiest small spaces. It also will serve areas of high need and provide gigabit-speed internet to every location. Other community needs could be addressed in the future.

My library isn’t included in these projects. When will it be updated? 

These projects will upgrade all libraries, even those not undergoing major renovation. Upgrades could include new furniture, fixtures, paint, carpet, and other improvements.
Unfortunately, fully renovating and/or expanding all 19 libraries in this bond is too costly for taxpayers. We know that library space inequities will exist after these projects. We will continue to look to improve services and spaces for patrons across the county. 

How long will my library close for renovations?

Construction time and temporary closure for projects (where closures apply) will vary based on the final design and scope of each project. We will communicate with residents and library patrons in advance of each planned closure. We will post a detailed timeline for each project to the library website, as they are known. 

How can I get involved?

Sign up for updates. Community input opportunities for new projects will happen throughout the life of the projects.

How will these projects affect Carnegie buildings and other historic structures?

The Framework for Future Library Spaces offers expansion recommendations for every library in Multnomah County. 
The historic nature of any library building will be a key factor in shaping design. Community input, including values around preservation, will help inform and guide building design. 
St. Johns and North Portland libraries will have additions to the existing structure. 
Albina Library relocated to its former home and is anticipated to maintain its historic structure. The library owns two adjacent buildings to the south that will be redeveloped. 
Belmont Library is expected to retain the most historic portion of the structure and receive a large, more modern addition. 
Many library systems and communities added to or remodeled historic buildings. Oregon City is one nearby example of expansion of a historic library structure. 

How much will the library bond increase my property taxes?

The cost will be an annual average of $0.61 per $1,000 of Assessed Value (not Real Market Value) over an eight-year term. View Assessed Value and property tax amounts (login as a guest).