The Landry News


Andrew Clements

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Do you have a school newspaper? Do any of you write for it? Have you ever made your own newspaper - just for fun? Well, Cara Landry has - she knows she wants to be a journalist, and so that's what she does - she writes her own newspaper: The Landry News. And her newspaper has, of course, an editorial - a column where she can express her views - the way things look to her. When Cara moves to a new school, she ends up with the worst teacher in the school - a teacher who hands out worksheets and then sits back and reads the sports page. So, she decides it's time to puts out a new edition of the Landry News and posts it in class.

Read the first paragraph of the article on page 10, followed by 1st paragraph following article on page 11.

Now, Cara has made some waves with her newspapers in the past, but she might have just set off a tidal wave with this one.

Discussion questions

  1. Cara is new to Denton Elementary School, but she also wrote a newspaper in her old school. What motivated her to start that newspaper? What was its tone?
  2. "Truth is good," Cara's mother says. "But when you are publishing all that truth, just be sure there's some mercy, too." What does she mean by that? Do you agree that mercy is as important as truth?
  3. Over the years, Mr. Larson became a lazy and sloppy teacher, and students became bored and restless in his classroom. How was the class's atmosphere good for Cara? Would it be good for you?
  4. Mr. Larson was stung by Cara's first editorial, but The Landry News ended up reviving his love of teaching. How?
  5. The Landry News starts small but soon the whole school is reading it. How did Cara's duties change as the newspaper grew? What were the advantages of having a larger readership? What were the risks?
  6. Mr. Larson's students know very little about his life outside of school. How much do you know about your teachers? What do you imagine they do in their own time? Do you believer they have different in-school and out-of-school personalities?
  7. Why was the principal so upset by the "Lost and Found" article in The Landry News? Would you be?
  8. "Some people are newsmakers," observes Cara, "and some aren't". Who are the newsmakers in your school or neighborhood? What makes them so interesting?

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