Keeping the Moon


Sarah Dessen

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Discussion Questions

Spoiler alert! Some of the questions contain key elements of the plot. Do not read if you don't want to know what happens!

  1. Under what circumstances is Colie sent to stay with Aunt Mira?
  2. Would you want your mom to be Kiki Sparks? What would be the advantages and disadvantages?
  3. Colie has an unfair reputation of being "easy. " How does she deal with that?
  4. Have you ever known someone who was labeled something and then treated differently because of it?
  5. Morgan and Isabel are very close friends and yet they are different in many ways. Describe each of them. How do they balance each other out?
  6. Describe Aunt Mira. What is her philosophy of life? What can Colie learn from her?
  7. What is Norman's relationship like with his father?
  8. While reading the book, what did you predict would be the outcome between Morgan and Mark?
  9. Colie describes a time when she was younger and overweight when she went to a dance and everyone laughed at her. What would that feel like? Have you ever felt that exclusion? Is there anyway kids can speak up to stop that kind of humilitation or is it too hard to not go along with the group?
  10. The theme of reinventing yourself comes up over and over in this book. It is only after Colie loses weight that she makes friends and gets a boyfriend. What do you think about body image in relation to friends and romance? Is self-esteem more important than the size of clothes you wear?
  11. Do you think Norman and Colie's relationship has a chance? What did you think about their romance?


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