Human Resources

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the library's goal of exemplary public service by:

  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified and diverse staff.
  • Promoting a team environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.
  • Encouraging and supporting a culture where staff feel valued and recognized for their efforts, along with the support to create an environment which fosters a positive attitude and creative spirit.
  • Supporting a healthy and positive work environment to assist staff in accomplishing individual program goals as well as overall organizational goals.
  • Asking the right questions, acquiring critical information, anticipating emerging needs, and applying our expertise to influence the best outcomes.
  • Creating the ultimate learning experience for library patrons and staff as often and in as many different forms as practicable including promoting the use of new technologies in improving training throughout the system.
  • Developing flexible staffing models to better serve our fluctuating needs across multiple locations.

We help make it possible for remarkable people to achieve remarkable results.

Our Vision

To be recognized as experts and leaders in applying best practices and innovations to make Multnomah County Library an employer of choice.  Because we care about our staff, we stand for integrity, equity, and character in all of our relationships and interactions.

Our Core Values

The human resources staff of Multnomah County Library has adopted values that describe how we interact with our customers and with one another in conducting our business.

Integrity:  We will interact among ourselves and with others honestly, thereby building relationships based on trust. We will always respect the confidentiality entrusted to us. We will also do what we say we will do, use consistent and objective standards, and reveal our decision making process.

Respect:  We will exercise patience and sensitivity in dealing with the concerns and problems of others. We will be open-minded, forthright and fair in our interactions with our customers and with one another.

Customer Focus:  We will deliver “wow service” by anticipating, understanding, and responding in a timely and effective manner to the needs of our customers. We welcome customer feedback and rely on this to help identify improvements in our operations.

Responsiveness:  We will respond to inquiries and requests in a timely manner and use data and feedback to improve service delivery and program design.

Communication:  Effective communication is the foundation of our relationships. We actively seek to understand the perspectives of others by listening with an open mind and communicating honestly, with appropriate confidentiality and discretion.

Competence:  We will capitalize on the knowledge, skills, and abilities mastered through our education, training and experience. In doing so, we will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Team Spirit:  We will collaborate with each other and our customers. We will be enthusiastic in conducting our day-to-day duties and mindful of the needs of one another and our customers while maintaining a sense of humor and having fun.

Embrace and Drive Change: We are not afraid to take informed and responsible risks.  We will think critically, challenge assumptions, identify the unknown, and implement positive change throughout the system.

Diversity of Thought and Perspective:   Because we value diversity of thought and perspective, we will solicit and respectfully consider different perspectives, and include individuals with different backgrounds, ideas and viewpoints in our decision making process.