Frequently asked questions about your Interlibrary loan account

How do I create an account?

  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions. You may want to read our policies for more information.
  • Fill out the registration form and click on Submit Information.
  • You now have an interlibrary loan account.

How do I request an interlibrary loan?

  • Log into your interlibrary loan account.
  • If you are requesting a book click on “Loan request”. This will redirect you to WorldCat where you can search for items.
    • If you cannot find the item in WorldCat you can submit a request by clicking on the “Blank loan form”
  • When you find the item you want, click on the title to go to the Detailed Record.
  • Click the orange “Request Item” button.
  • Review the Loan request form.
  • Click Submit Request.

How do I check on an interlibrary loan request?

  • Log in to your interlibrary loan account.
  • Items that have arrived at the interlibrary loan office will be under Checked out.
  • Articles delivered electronically will be under Available.
  • Items that have not arrived at the interlibrary loan office will be under In process
  • Prior requests will be under Cancelled requests or previous requests. Your requests for the last six months will be shown.
  • Click Details for more information.

How do I cancel an interlibrary loan request?

  • Log in to your interlibrary loan account.
  • Under the In Process section find the title you want to cancel.
  • Click Cancel Request.

What if I forget my password?

  • On the log-in screen enter your library card number and click “log in” to receive a password hint.
  • If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it through email by clicking Reset Password or by calling 503.988.5123.

How many requests am I allowed?

  • You are allowed 5 active requests.
  • A request is active from the time you submit it online until  the item is returned to the interlibrary loan office.
  • It takes up to a week to be returned to the interlibrary loan office and checked in off your interlibrary loan account.
  • Since copies or scanned PDF articles do not need to be returned it is active from when you submit the request to when it is received in our department.

How long will it take for my interlibrary loan to arrive?

  • The time it takes for your item to arrive depends on what you are requesting and where it is coming from.
  • Books take 2-4 weeks. Some items may take longer.
  • Articles take about 5 days to be delivered electronically and a week if delivered through US Mail.
  • To check on the status of your request log into your interlibrary loan account.

How will I know when my interlibrary loan item is ready?

  • For most items, you will be notified the same way as regular holds for Multnomah County items. This is by automated email, automated phone call or letter.
  • For articles, if you have electronic delivery, you will be sent an email. You will then log into your interlibrary loan account to view the item, under Available. If you do not have electronic delivery the articles will be mailed to you through the US Mail.
  • For items that must be used in the library you will be called.

How long can I keep my interlibrary loan material?

  • Due dates are set by the owning library and can vary. We try to make sure that you get approximately three weeks from the time it leaves our department. 
  • ​The due date does not change if you pick up your material later, so make the most of your time by picking up your materials as soon as you can.

Can I renew my interlibrary loan?

  • You may request one renewal unless noted otherwise on the information band. Renewals are not guaranteed. To request a renewal, contact us. Do not contact the library that owns the item or the location where you picked it up.

Why don't I see all my older requests when I look at my request history?

  • For privacy, requests older than 6 months are deleted from your account.
  • If you would like to keep a history of all your requests you may want to keep a personal list.

What if I lose my library card?

  • Get a new card at any library location.
  • Once you get a new library card, create a new interlibrary loan account with your new number. Staff will merge the two accounts so you will not lose any information.

For questions, please contact us.