Information for current presenters/performers

Dancing demonstration at library event
When and how will programs be scheduled at the library?

Planning for library programs starts 4-6 months before the program will occur. Programming is planned in two-month cycles. 

  1. Submit program proposal by deadline 
  2. Library location staff select program for their neighborhoods
  3. Programming staff schedules programs with presenters
  4. Library location staff contacts presenters with finalize details
  5. Program occurs and is evaluated
  6. Payment is sent 30 days after program

Program Interest Form Deadlines

Proposed program dates Interest form deadline
January–February 2019 September 1
March–April 2019 November 1
May-June 2019 January 1
July-August 2019 January 1 (children/family/teens)
March 1 (adult)
September–October 2019 May 1
November–December 2019 July 1

Payment policy

Your check will be mailed to you about a month after the completion of your program, upon receipt of your signed program agreement(s), W-9 form and independent contractor certificate with valid tax ID number. Direct deposit available upon request.

Program Promotion

All programs will appear on the library's website, branch flyers, and media advisory. Some programs may appear on the library’s social media sites and newsletter at the library’s discretion. 

Please feel free to promote your programs through your own social media, email lists, and websites. Your event will be found at

Copyrighted content 

Use of copyrighted content in library programs without the proper licensing is a violation of copyright law. 

Performers, presenters, and musicians should only use music or material for which they have permission to use.

Communicating with the library

After your program has been scheduled, you will be put in contact via email with a library location staff to support you at your event. A program agreement will also be mailed to the address you provided.

Contact library location staff (Found in your library program confirmation email)

  • Confirm your arrival time for program set up
  • Confirm room arrangements
  • Confirm library equipment/tools 
  • Directions and parking information
  • Confirm library host

Contact programming staff (

  • Performer/presenter payment
  • Program title/description changes
  • Mailing address changes
  • Program paperwork