Hope Was Here


Joan Bauer

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Discussion questions

Spoiler alert! Some questions give away key parts of the plot!

  1. Why do you think Hope changed her name? What does the name "Hope" mean to you? How does it fit her character?
  2. Describe Addie's character. What motivates her? Why does she move them across country?
  3. What is Hope's relationship like with her mother?
  4. How does her mother's brief visit effect Hope?
  5. If a rule of waitressing is to never date the cook, why do you think Hope dates Braverman? What kind of a guy is Braverman?
  6. Do you think G.T. is the father figure Hope is looking for in her life? How does meeting him change her?
  7. How has Eli Millstone corrupted the mayoral election?
  8. Why do you think G.T. decides to run for mayor? How can Hope help him win?
  9. Over the course of the novel, how does Hope change and grow?
  10. In the end, which characters in this book have hope?


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