Stewardship Conversations to Help Younger and Future Generations


Sun, Oct 22, 2017
2:00 to 4:00

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SAGE - Senior Advocates for Generational Equity

SAGE Stewardship Conversations are informal get-togethers to spark a meaningful discussion about our communities' future. We ask guests to share a little background about their own lives, the opportunities they had when they were younger, and any concerns they have about the challenges facing younger and future generations. The group then explores solutions, including causes and initiatives that align with each guest’s interests and concerns. At the close of the conversation, SAGE highlights meaningful volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits that work on issues of importance to future generations. When learning about one another’s interests and concerns, guests may forge a deeper connection with friends and neighbors to share ideas about giving forward. Our only expectation is that guests feel comfortable sharing their personal stories and views in a cordial and supportive atmosphere. Register online with SAGE.

Target audience:

Adults, 50+

Event type:

Book clubs & discussion groups