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Summertime Concert

Michal Karmi, AKA Peanut, is one of Los Angeles' most sought after children's musicians. Her sweet voice and clever lyrics meet ukulele strums and impressive trilingual (English, Spanish, Hebrew) chops. 

Super Science Camp!

It’s a Grab Bag of Science... a little of this and a little of that!  Be a super hero and learn about the 3 Rs.

Symphony Storytime

The Oregon Symphony is on the road for interactive, musical storytimes. This series focuses on books, music, instruments, sound and fun.

Take Control of Your Digital Footprint

Learn strategies to keep control of your online presence and personal data. Topics include digital citizenship, cyber bullying, device encryption, passwords, digital profiling and apps to avoid.

Talk Time

Talk Time is an informal conversation circle for non-native speakers to practice speaking English.

Tech Help

Do you have technology questions? Meet one-on-one with a friendly, knowledgeable Tech Helper who will help you find answers to questions about mobile devices, websites, downloading, e-readers, getting started with tech, and much more.

Teen Anime Club

View, review, snack and yak about all things anime.



Participation is free. No library card required.

Teen Book Council

Talk about books, give reviews and share reading suggestions with other teens in grades 6-12. Snacks provided.



Participation is free. No library card required.

Teen Council

Build leadership skills, work on creative projects, plan events, earn service hours, and have fun with other teens and library staff. Snacks provided!

Teen Craft Camp

It's a time for teens to make and create this summer. Explore a new craft every Friday ... from fuse beads to ceramic art and more.

Teen Printz Book Group

Join the "Half Blood Printzes" to discuss books published in the current year that may be considered examples of literary excellence for readers ages 12–18 and are possible nominees for the Amercan Library Association’s Printz Award for young adult lit

Teens, Launch Your Own Podcast Today!

Have you ever wanted to have your own radio show? Dreamed of making the next This American Life or Serial? In two hours, Josh Boykin can take you from an idea to a real-life podcast!

Tertulia Literaria / Spanish Book Discussion Group

Acompáñenos en una discusión mensual en donde damos vida a la palabra. Participe en conversaciones estimulantes acerca de cuentos o una novela, intercambie perspectivas acerca de los personajes y también conozca a nuevas personas.

The Big One: Historic Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Nearly every day, there are public service announcements on our local television stations regarding earthquake preparedness -- and a drive down any stretch of Highway 101 reveals signs every few miles showing tsunami evacuation routes.

The Children's Music Show

Micah and Me performs all the young children's hit songs plus their own originals like "Dump Truck!" Parents have said: "It is a free form dance party for toddlers!" MICAH AND ME have an uncommon ability to connect with humans of all ages from 0-99.

The Dog Days of Summer!

From delightful short skits, dog puppets galore, to dog (and cat) songs, we actively celebrate our furry pals! Bring your own stuffed dog or cat and join Jory Aronson's show as a performer, actor or musician. Wanted: all dog and cat lovers!

The Fascinating World of Reptiles

Join the Reptile Man, aka Richard Ritchey, in meeting his outstanding crew of snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises!

The Great American Songbook

William Spillette presents a one-man band performance, using a Boss RC-300 Loopstation and multiple guitars, a ukulele, harmonica and various percussion instruments.

The Influence of the Constitution on Political Conversation

By looking back at the creation of the Constitution we puncture some myths and develop a broader perspective on its significance – perspective that helps us evaluate current political events more thoughtfully.

The No. 1 Hillsdale Knitting Society

Learn basic knitting skills or get help with an existing project. Crocheters welcome, too. For children 5 years and older as well as adults. To make a scarf with arm knitting, bring two balls of bulky yarn in your favorite color.

The Puppet Town Musicians

Penny’s Lovable puppets want to begin new lives.

The Zaniac Comedy Show

With the energy of 1,000 suns, the Zaniac shines like a comedy beacon as he bounces from one end of the stage to the other like an untamed rubber band.

Theatre for Real Life: Social Justice Action (Camp for Teens)

Theatre for Real Life workshops begin with simple warm-ups and community-building games, exercises in rhythm, movement, sound and motion, story-telling, image-based theatre, and lead to the development of short scenes based on participants’ real-life s

This is Our World Film/Photo Storytelling Camp for teens

Participants will work with professional artists to explore their world through the lens of a camera.

Tinker Bell Storytime

Tinker Bell tells her story featuring Captain Hook, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and their adventures in Neverland. Enjoy an interactive storytime with live princess character Tinker Bell. The show features props, sets and interactive storytelling.

Tiny Tots

One-year-olds (with a favorite adult) enjoy songs, movement activities, rhymes, books and playtime. This action-packed program engages new walkers in language-based activities.

Tiny Tots Playtime

Share books, bubbles, toys, shakers and scarves. This is a time for caregivers with children ages 12-24 months to gather and play.

Toddler Playtime

Share books, bubbles, toys, puzzles and manipulative toys. This is a time for caregivers with children ages 24 to 36 months to gather and play.

Toddler Storytime

Two-year-olds (with a favorite adult) enjoy interactive stories songs and games that encourage their emerging language skills.

Truffula Tree Theater

In this 1 1/2 hour workshop Puppetkabob will read "the Lorax" by Dr Seuss, while participants design their own forest of 3D truffula trees to act as a stage for a rod puppet Lorax character to perform the many messages found in the storybook all focuse

Tween Council

Help your librarian choose the best books, movies, comics, programs and events for you and your friends. Be part of a fun team, work on special projects, meet new friends, and make your library even better! Snacks provided!

Tween DIY @ the Library

Calling all tweens! Come kickstart your creativity with our monthly tween gathering of creative minds. Start with our monthly project or use supplies on hand to make your own project.

Underwater Creatures in Origami

Learn how to fold various kinds of fish, whales, shrimp, clams, sharks and more. Put staples on your folded creatures and catch them with a fishing pole made from a chopstick and a magnet.

Upcycled Art

The mission of Trash for Peace is to provide hands-on, creative experiences that encourage resilient communities.  Join us to learn how to turn unwanted and recyclable materials into artistic treasures that are cool, fun, and functional!

Using Craigslist

Ready to sell that old table? Looking to buy a used car? Maybe you're looking for a new apartment...

Voice From the Past: Charles Mitchell

Eva Abram, who grew up collecting rainwater, now collects stories. Join Eva as she retells the story of Charles Mitchell, a case of slavery in the Northwest.

Voice From the Past: Charles Mitchell

Eva Abram, who grew up collecting rainwater, now collects stories. Join Eva as she retells the story of Charles Mitchell, a case of slavery in the Northwest.

Wake Up & Sing

Join award-winning family performer Red Yarn as he performs energetic folk songs from his newest album, 'Wake Up & Sing.' Audiences will sing and dance along as Red Yarn and his lovable critter puppets wake up, get ready for the day, set off on the

What is the Cloud?

What does it mean when you hear about “the cloud”? Come to this class to learn: