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Tween Council

Build leadership skills, work on creative projects, plan events, earn service hours, and have fun with other tweens and library staff. Snacks provided!

Tween DIY @ the Library

Calling all tweens! Come kickstart your creativity with our monthly tween gathering of creative minds. Start with our monthly project or use supplies on hand to make your own project.

Twirly Whirlys

Create this simple toy with wire, beads and found objects. Watch the beads shimmer and dance as you move it in your hands. Gain experience with needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, hammers and anvils to create your one-of-a-kind toy.

Urban Headwrapping

Head wrapping engenders a spiritual state of centeredness and makes a cultural statement. It is also a fun and fashionable way to protect your hair from the rain and sun and also add a personal touch to any outfit.

Using Craigslist

Ready to sell that old table? Looking to buy a used car? Maybe you're looking for a new apartment...

Vietnamese/English Storytime

Giờ đọc truyện song ngữ (tiếng Anh/tiếng Việt), và ca hát cho trẻ em.

Bilingual storytime presented in Vietnamese and English for children ages 0-6 with adult.

Visit the Amazon Rain Forest with Magdalena and Friends

This bilingual English/Spanish picture book explores a young child’s imagination as it takes her to a faraway place—the Amazon jungle—without leaving her backyard.

Voice Yourself in a Button

Custom buttons have been used as tools for promoting cool bands, voicing political opinion, advertising brands, decoration, and general expressions of individuality.  Please come to this workshop if you are interested in learning how buttons are made. 

Wake Up & Sing

Join award-winning family performer Red Yarn as he performs energetic folk songs from his newest album, 'Wake Up & Sing.' Audiences will sing and dance along as Red Yarn and his lovable critter puppets wake up, get ready for the day, set off on the

Weatherization Workshop

Anyone can make weatherization improvements at home – whether you own or rent, whether you’re in an apartment, mobile home, or house – you can make basic improvements to make your home more comfortable by saving energy and money. Lea

West Coast Hurricane: The Great Columbus Day Storm

The greatest natural disaster to hit the region, this extra-tropical cyclone devastated the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 1962.

What is the Cloud?

What does it mean when you hear about “the cloud?” Come to this class to learn:

What It’s Like poetry workshop

Stanley Kunitz has said, poetry “is ultimately mythology, the telling of the stories of the soul.” Using poems from The Secret of Me, The Girl in the Mirror, and poets author Meg Kearney admires, teens will explore how diction, image, and meta

What Trouper Has to Say About Poetry

Join Author Meg Kearney in this interactive presentation which includes a reading of Trouper; a mini-talk (with slides) about how the book was made and what it was like to work with its illustrator, E.B.

Windows 10

Are you confused by your new operating system? Bring your own Windows 10 laptop or tablet to this class to learn the basics of Windows 10.  

You will learn: 

Wonder Woman and Batman

Come take pictures with Wonder Woman and Batman and get a special balloon animal made by your super hero.

Wooden Train Playtime

Children ages 2 and up (with a favorite adult) who enjoy trains can put together and run wooden trains in the library. This fun-filled program connects junior train fans with creative and imaginative play activities.



Woodstock Teen Book Club

Engage in conversation about books; exchange perspectives about characters, design and plot; and get to know other teens.

Word Processing One

Come learn the basics of Microsoft Word.

We will cover:

Word Processing Two

Already know the basics of word processing?


Word Tools

During this session, we will learn about different tools you can use to create and edit documents. We will use Google products and Microsoft Office, but there are also other options you can use.

Wraps, Wraps and more Wraps for teens

Wraps are the ultimate on the go food, but they are also the vessels for all kind of flavors, from Mexican to Indian and everywhere in between, also they work for Breakfast to Dinner.

Yarn Club

Whether your interest is knitting or crocheting, come join the fun as we learn together. All experience levels and ages welcome. Please bring your own supplies.



Young Readers Club

Read the monthly book selection at home and then join your friends at the library to discuss it. Using games and activities, you'll strengthen your reading and writing skills while having fun! For kids in grades 1-3.

Youth Voice: Film/Photography Camp for Teens

Create social impact and change through film or a photo project made by youth on issues that matter to you.

YouTube Basics

YouTube is fun and informative!


̈Figuras de hojas de Maíz / Corn Husk Figurines: Gods and Imaginative Creatures

En este taller didáctico, los participantes aprenden cómo las culturas antiguas están inspiradas por la naturaleza para hacer sus artesanías,  así como también la importancia del maíz en la cultura nativa de México.  Los participantes crearán su propia

Классы по подготовке к сдаче экзамена на гражданство США / Russian Citizenship Classes

Курс состоит из 10 занятий и преподается на русском языке волонтерами из организации SOAR Legal.

Без регистрации, бесплатно.

Мы рисуем лето/ We Are Drawing Summer

Нарисуй веселое лето вместе с художницей Лией Котт! Научись рисовать стрекоз,бабочек,цветы и даже муравейник! Приглашаем детей и взрослых. Занятие ведётся на русском языке.

Программа детского чтения / Russian Storytime

Проводится на русском языке для детей (в сопровождении взрослых) от рождения до 6 лет.

Storytime presented in Russian for children ages 0-6 years with adult.

Русский книжный клуб / Pageturners: Russian Book Group

Русский книжный клуб основан при финансовой поддержке организации "Друзья Библиотеки" (Friends of the Library)

Pageturners is sponsored by Friends of the Library.

Соломенные куклы / Straw Dolls

Вместе с мастером Даниэлой Сипковой-Махоуни изготовьте несколько cоломенных кукол и узнайте о традициях украшения из соломы! Приглашаем детей и взрослых!

Танцы Средней Азии. Узбекский танец / Learn Uzbek Dance

Знаете ли вы, что искусство танца считается национальным достоянием Узбекистана?

中國书法 / Chinese Calligraphy


国語故事时间 / Chinese (Mandarin) Storytime


Storytime presented in Mandarin for children ages 0-6 with adult.

基础电脑辅助/Mandarin Computer Basics

Friendly, patient staff help you learn basic technology skills for computers.

基础网络辅助/Mandarin Internet Basics


太极扇 / Tai Chi Fan Dance workshop


每星期日下午二时半至三时半在Holgate 图书馆 有中国象棋活动 / Chinese Chess Game at Holgate Library


Come play Chinese Chess. We will provide the boards and pieces. All ages welcome.