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Fun with the Five Practices of Early Literacy

Talking, singing, reading, writing and playing all help young children develop early language and literacy skills. In this training we will explore fun ways to incorporate these five essential practices in your classroom.

Game Central

Do you like board games, card games, strategy and multi-player games? Join us! We have games such as Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and more.

This program is held in the Community Room on the second floor.

Game On!

GameTruck delivers excitement you can depend on.

Gardening Camp for Kids

Come and get your hands dirty and learn the essentials of growing in the garden. Kids will learn about plant parts and lifecycles, seeds and seed dispersal, flowers and pollinators, role of insects, soil and compost, and worms.

Gentle Moves

A fun fitness class with gentle moves to gentle music. Appropriate for ages 18 and older. Seniors are especially welcome!

Getting Started with African American Genealogy

Are you interested in finding out about your family? Have you done a little research, but find yourself unsure of how to continue? Join us to learn how to start or continue your genealogical research. 

Giờ đọc truyện tiếng Việt / Vietnamese Storytime

Giờ đọc truyện bằng tiếng việt cho các em tuổi từ 0-6 đi cùng với người lớn.

Storytime presented in Vietnamese for children ages 0-6 years with adult.

Giúp đỡ về Máy Điện toán/Computer Help

Giờ giúp đỡ về máy điện toán gồm có cách dùng danh mục thư viện, thư từ điện tử (email), truy tìm mạng lưới (internet), Word, và những đề tài khác liên hệ với mạng lưới điện tử. Hướng dẫn viên người Việt.  K

Gmail and Google Tools

Your Google account can do more for you than you thought!

Going Bananas or Over the Moon: Supporting Emotional Literacy

Understanding emotions and knowing what to do with them are essential school readiness and life skills. From peekaboo to puppets, there is a wealth of strategies we can use to support children's emotional development from birth to 5.

Google Productivity

You can get things done using your Google account!

Grocery Bag Notebooks

Discover a fun way to recycle those garbage bags that pile up. You will learn to make a fun journal out of paper bags and thread. You can personalize them with stamps and/or colored pens.

Hands-on Henna for Teens

Henna is used by many cultures as a form of artistic expression. Henna is not permanent, but it does temporarily stain the skin for about two weeks.

Hip Hop Soulsation

Cykhyia was born and raised in New York and has been dancing since the age of 6. Her dream is to always own a dance studio and bring the joy of dance to all walks of life. Now Cykhyia is in Oregon bringing her edgy and unique style to Portland.

Hội Đan Len/Vietnamese Knitting Club

Mời quý vị đến cùng vui trong lúc học hỏi cách thức đan và móc len. Chúng tôi hoan nghênh mọi lứa tuổi và trình độ. Xin quý vị mang theo vật liệu.

Homework Help

Library volunteers help students understand their homework.

Honey Bee Science Discovery Program

A presentation by a young beekeeper on honey bees and the science behind them.  The short interactive presentation is followed by hands-on learning stations, including:  Honey Bee Discovery Lab (featuring products of the hive, beekeeping equipment and

Hora de Manualidades

Agrega arte y color a tu vida con estas manualidades centradas en la alfabetización temprana. Todos los materiales serán proporcionados. Espacio para 22 personas.

Hora de Manualidades / Family Craft Hour

Agrega arte y color a tu vida con estas sencillas manualidades para toda la familia. Todos los materiales serán proporcionados.

How to Pay for Long-Term Care Without Going Broke

An attorney from the Law Offices of Geoff Bernhardt will present an overview on government benefit programs that provide assistance with long-term care costs, including Medicaid and veterans' benefits, and share strategies for paying for long-term care

If You Can Boil Water, You Can Brew Kombucha!

Kombucha is an ancient form of fermented tea and cane sugar that has probiotic benefits for your digestive system. You can buy it from the store or, even better, you can make your own!

In Rhymes and In Life

Mic Crenshaw is a world-class spoken word artist and emcee who has toured extensively in Africa, the U.S and Europe.

Indoor Games

Drop in to play some board games. Children 10 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Intercambio / Language Exchange

Practique inglés o español y ayude a los demás que están aprendiendo en un ambiente amable. Los participantes hablan la mitad del tiempo en inglés y la otra en español. Están bienvenidos los principiantes.

Internet Basics

This class is an introduction to using the Internet on computers.

Intro to Executive Function Skills

Why do some children have an easier time taking turns, being flexible, and staying focused?  The secret is something called “executive function.”  In this introductory class we’ll explore executive function skills and their benefits, and try some activ

Introduction to Computers

New to computers? Join us to learn about the basics. By the end of this three session class, you will:

iOS 应用程序班 / Chinese Apps Lab

免费 iOS 应用程序班 , 无需登记 . 
可帶你的智能手机, 平板电脑 , 来学习.
Come learn about Chinese Apps in a friendly environment. Bring your own smartphone or tablet.

iPad/iPhone Basics

Learn the basics of using your iPhone or iPad. We will cover text messaging, taking/attaching pictures, installing apps and using the Apple Store, accessing the Internet, managing your contacts and more!

Islamophobia in Our Communities

A workshop providing background on the meaning of Islamophobia, data on religious prejudice, the effects of it on Muslim and non-Muslim communities, and the possible solutions to combatting the phobia.

Job Application Strategies

Looking for a job? Not sure which skills you need to highlight? Job coach specialists from Goodwill Industries are here to help! Develop a master job application and learn how to market transferable skills to land the job you want!

Job Seeker Series

Presented by Goodwill Training & Development, these free programs will help you put your best foot forward with your job search.

Job Seekers Support Group

Are you ready to boost your professional prospects and start landing opportunities? Then this is the group for you!

Joyería de Materiales Reciclados / Recycled Jewelry

Venga y diviértase creando joyería de fantasía con materiales no dañinos para el medio ambiente. María Alvarado enseñará esta clase, y demostrará cómo crear joyería de materiales reciclados comunes. Para adultos y jóvenes mayores de 8 años.


Rhys Thomas dazzles you with improbable juggling, unique comedy and amazing acrobatics. JuggleMania shares the heroes that taught him how to juggle: BOOKS!

Juneteenth: Words Along the Way

On June 19, 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Union soldiers brought Texans the news that the Civil War had ended and that the enslaved were now free.

Just Uke It! for Newbies

Learn to play the ukulele with Aaron Canwell of Micah And Me. In this class for beginners, you'll focus on learning chords and new songs.

Khai Thuế Miễn Phí / File Taxes for Free

Get free individualized tax preparation assistance in Vietnamese provided by IRS Certified Volunteers in partnership with Vietnamese Community of Oregon.

Khai Thuế Miễn Phí / File Taxes for Free

Get free individualized tax preparation assistance in Vietnamese provided by IRS Certified Volunteers in partnership with Vietnamese Community of Oregon.