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Gypsy Jazz Volume

Jazz Guitars 4 Peace (JG4P) is a modern gypsy jazz group comprised of Tommy Houston and Tim Morgan on manouche guitars and Shao Way on upright bass.  They will be performing upbeat swing, Latin, and jazz music influenced by Django Reinhardt.

Habeenkii Qoyska / Somali Family Night

Qoysaska Soomaaliyeed waxaa lagu casumay in ay ka so kheyb galan ​​kulan.  Kaleya ka faideysta hawlaha farsamada gacanta  iyo waxyaabo kale o xiisa leh . Waxaa jiri doona Mawduuca
kala duwan bil kasta si o qofwalbo ugu kheyb qaato.

Health Insurance: Special Enrollment Period

If you missed the open enrollment period,  you may be able to enroll during the special enrollment period. This runs from March 15, 2015 through April 30, 2015.

Historical Oregonian

The Historical Oregonian is an amazing resource for finding obituaries, death and funeral notices, and even researching your house history.

Hocus Pocus... Wholeness!

Being the smartest wizard in all of Fannowcrest is a remarkable achievement, but is it enough to be healthy and happy?

Homeschool Book Party

Calling all homeschoolers ages 6-10! Make new friends, talk about great books, and make book-related crafts.

Homeschool Literary Circle

Calling all homeschoolers ages 10-14! Make new friends and talk about great books. 

Hora de Cuentos / Spanish Storytime

Se presentan cuentos, canciones y rimas en español para familias con niños de 0 a 6 años de edad.

We present stories, songs and rhymes in Spanish for families with children 0-6 years old.

Hora de Manualidades / Family Craft Hour

Agrega arte y color a tu vida con estas sencillas manualidades para toda la familia. Todos los materiales serán proporcionados.

Hot Process Soap Making

Have fun while learning to safely make your own handmade soap at home with wholesome, nourishing, all natural ingredients.

How to Die in Oregon

A movie based on the life of one person who chose to utilize the Oregon Death with Dignity law. A wonderful, gentle introduction to a death using the law and a great conversation starter for people making end-of-life decisions. 

I'm on Facebook, Now What?

You've got a Facebook account and you know how to find your friends and family on Facebook, but what else can you do? By the end of this class, you will be able to:  

Imagine New Worlds Game Camp (series for teens)

Have you ever wanted to create your own adventure story or a game you can play with friends?

Intercambio / Language Exchange

Practique inglés o español y ayude a los demás que están aprendiendo en un ambiente amable. Los participantes hablan la mitad del tiempo en inglés y la otra en español. Están bienvenidos los principiantes.

Introduction to Birdwatching

Learn how to identify birds found locally, how to attract birds to your backyard, and what to consider when buying binoculars.

Introduction to Computers

In this fun, hands-on, four-session course, you will learn basic computer skills,  including:

Introduction to Computers

In this fun, hands-on, six-session course, you will learn basic computer skills,  including:

Introduction to Computers

In this fun, hands-on, three-session course, you will learn basic computer skills,  including:

Introduction to Spreadsheets

This class is an introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007 and other spreadsheet products. You will learn how to create, edit, format and save a workbook.

Introduction to Watercolor

Watercolor painting demystified. Paint from life and photos. Flowers, fruit, landscapes are our subjects. Learn basic techniques of brushstrokes, color mixing, which materials to use and how they behave together.

iPhone Esenciales

¿Usted tiene un iPhone? Le gustaría tomar una clase para aprender los conceptos básicos de su celular que incluye todo lo relacionado con:

iPhone Essentials

Need help with your new phone? Having trouble figuring out what the status bar is telling you, what all those weird noises mean, or how to connect your phone to the Internet?

Try this class to learn the basics. 

It’s Time for a Fresh Start: Project Clean Slate

Has your driver’s license been suspended for unpaid fines? Is there a minor criminal conviction on your record that is standing in your way?

Jack Chapeau Meets the Gill Man

Oregon Shadow Theatre tells the story of marine scientist Jack Chapeau who uses submarines, diving suits, robotics and sonar to make his most amazing discovery: a fantastical creature he calls the Gill Man!

Japanese Stab Bound Pocketbooks

Learn how to bind your books through Japanese stab binding. This non-adhesive binding makes gorgeous decorative patterns on the spine of the book.

Jazz Guitars 4 Peace

Jazz Guitars 4 Peace (JG4P) is a modern gypsy jazz group comprised of Tommy Houston and Tim Morgan on manouche guitars, Shao Way on upright bass, and Ben Blechman on violin.  They will be performing upbeat swing, Latin, and jazz music influenced by Dja

JHS Fourteenth Annual Multicultural Film Festival

North Portland Library is proud to cosponsor JHS's Multicultural Film Festival showcasing movies on the theme "Defy the Inevitable! Harvest Beyond the Brim!


Job Seekers Lab

Looking for work? Update your resume, file for unemployment, or apply for your dream job in this special computer lab just for job seekers.

Job Seekers Support Group

Are you ready to boost your professional prospects and start landing opportunities? Then this is the group for you!

Kids Knit!

Discover a fun new hobby by learning to knit or improving your current skills! Needles and yarn provided or bring your own supplies. For grade school-age children and up.

Knitting Classes

If you have always wanted to learn how to knit, this is your opportunity. Volunteer instructors are available in a relaxed, fun environment. Please bring U.S.-size 7, 8 or 9 knitting needles. Yarn will be provided for practice the first session.

Kokoshnik / Russian Head-dress

The Kokoshnik or head-dress is a sign of tradition and elegance in Russian festive formal wear.  Join us and learn how to make simple version of this head dress using felt, beads and pearls.  

La pantalla de oro: Películas en español / Spanish Films

La biblioteca de North Portland se enorgullece en presentarles La pantalla de oro: Películas en español.

Laboratorio de computación / Computer Lab

Es una sesión abierta para usar las computadoras y disponer de asistencia en inglés y español. No se requiere inscripción por adelantado.

Legos @ the Library

Bring your mad Lego skills to the library and let your imagination flow. Each time, we’ll build a new structure to put on display. Bricks and supplies provided. Donations welcome. For kids ages 5-11.

Library Trivia Challenge!

Do you have a head full of seemingly useless knowledge? Do you like to show off your immense brainpower to your friends? Then the Library Trivia Challenge is for you!

Lớp căn bản về máy điện toán / Vietnamese Computer Lab

Lớp căn bản về máy điện toán gồm có cách dùng danh mục thư viện, thư từ điện tử (email), truy tìm mạng lưới (internet), WORD, và những đề tài khác liên hệ với mạng lưới điện tử.

Lớp Học Họa cho Gia Đình / Art Classes for families

Trong sáu lớp này, các bạn sẽ học cách pha màu dựa vào các đặc điểm và thành phần của sơn, vẽ chân dung và cơ thể sử dụng người mẫu hoặc từ hình ảnh, và vẽ phong cảnh sử dụng sơn nước.

Xin vui lòng ghi danh vào lớp này.