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End of Life Care in the Community

Present an overview of services and benefits that hospice can provide. Talk about the myths associated with hospice service and answer questions from the audience.


Правила Дорожного Движения / Rules of the Road

Узнайте все о правилах дорожного движения в штате Орегон. Темы курса включают:

- Как получить водительские права?
- Что нужно знать и как себя вести если Вас остановила полиция?

3D Print Your Own Superhero Identity

Every superhero has a brand -- whether it's Batman's logo in the sky, or the stylized S on Superman's chest. What's yours? In this session, we'll start on paper -- sketching and designing your superhero identity.

3D Printing 101

From prosthetics to pizza and organs – 3D printing is all over the news! How does it work? What is being done today with 3D printers? Come see a variety of prints, as well as a printer in action.

A Good Yarn

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, come join the fun as we learn together. All experience levels and ages welcome. Please bring your own supplies.

All-You-Can-Make Art Bar

Art ala Carte turned restaurant salad bars into art bars for an "all you can make" art experience.

Amazing Arthropods!

Experience the incredible world of insects, spiders and their relatives! The Bug Chicks are two entomologists who teach about these exciting animals in a fun, interactive way using preserved specimens and live arthropods.

Android Tablet Essentials

Do you have a new Android tablet? This class will help you learn to use it. You will learn the basic layout of your tablet, settings, apps and more. Please bring your own tablet fully charged. 

Anyone’s Domain: A Writing Workshop

Poetry is not the domain of just a few. It’s as natural and accessible as heartbeat and breath.

Art of Animation (camp for teens)

This animation workshop series is designed to introduce teens to the idea of time-based cartooning. Teens will learn simple techniques and methods to make their own cartoon characters move and show expressions.

Balloon City Experiments

Using balloons and props, Charles and Biscuit The Dog Puppet conduct a silly but sound engineering experiment involving a pulley. Charles tells a story about a child scientist.

Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s affects people in varying ways and ripples out to impact the lives of those who interact with them.

Batty About Bats

Join Tryon Creek State Natural Area park rangers for a nature-based story about batty bats and their nocturnal friends  There will be art, movement, music and a whole lot of nature fun!

Batty About Bats

Join Tryon Creek State Natural Area park rangers for a nature-based story about batty bats and their nocturnal friends  There will be art, movement, music and a whole lot of nature fun!

Beat-Making Lab (camp for teens)

Explore the history of urban electronic and dance music via drum machine and sampler sequencing. Get hands on with the tools and learn the basics of professional beat production and performance. Expect high volumes, bass, hand claps and head nods.

Becoming Your Own Publisher

Becoming Your Own Publisher” is a one-hour community workshop that provides authors with all the tools and guidance necessary to become their own successful publishers.

Beginner's Guide to the Cloud

Everyone's talking about "the cloud," but what do they mean? Take this class to find out.

By the end of this class, you will be able to: 

Beginning Botanical Contour Illustration

In this class, you will learn the basics of *seeing* botanical specimens and capturing their likeness with simple contour lines. This is a great class for folks who want to learn to draw, but have been afraid to start.

Beginning Computers in Somali

This class is an introduction to the computer. In this class, you will learn: 

      - The parts of a computer

      - How to turn your computer on and off

      - How to use a mouse and a keyboard 

Beginning Programming

Come to this class to get started with programming:

Beginning Programming - two class series

Come to this class to get started with programming:

Belmont Builders

Drop in and explore your building prowess with Legos, K’NEX and more! We’ll supply the building materials … you bring the creativity and imagination. All ages welcome.


Participation is free. No library card required.

Belmont Knit Fix

Do you want to learn to knit, crochet or spin? Need help with a project? Just want to hang out for conversation, project help and inspiration? Join us for some fiber fun. Bring your own supplies. All experience levels welcome.

Belt-Making Workshop

Beginning with a blank strip of leather, we'll learn the basic leather-craft skills such as skiving, punching, and edging.

Black Storytime

The African and African American experience comes alive for children from birth to age 6 (with a favorite adult and other family members). In a positive and affirming environment, have fun with books and stories, songs, and movement activities.

Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshops

Imagine being part of a Bollywood Musical - multicolored costumes coupled with high energy song & dance.

Bollywood Thriller

Learn to Dance Bollywood Thriller with Brittany & DJ Prashant, a choreography that blends the best of two cultures (Halloween from America & Bollywood from India) & makes for a lot of spooky fun.  Imagine a Indian Wedding gone wrong when ap

Book Babies

Babies from birth to 12 months (with a favorite adult) enjoy songs, action rhymes, and playtime and share a book together in each lively Book Babies session.

Book Babies Playtime

Share books, bubbles, toys, shakers and scarves. This is a time for caregivers with children ages 0 to 12 months to gather and play.



Participation is free. No library card required.

Border Collie International Performing Canine Team

A team of rescued Border Collies entertain and educate through demonstrations of football, baseball, skits and world-class Frisbee tricks.


Participation is free. No library card required.

Brown Bag Lunch and Learn

Cosponsored by Portland Community College, these free programs help you develop and increase your professional skills.



Participation is free. No library card required.

Build your own Geometric Art

Make your own wonderful and colorful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics using the ITSPHUN system of geometric shapes.  ITSPHUN geometric construction kits are easy and fun to use.  Colorful and visually inspiring, they encourage explo

Butterfly Magnets

Make your own lovely butterfly magnets out of felt, fabric, glitter and other embellishments. Learn a few simple sewing and decoupage techniques, too.



Participation is free. No library card required.

Calaveritas de Azúcar / Decorate your own Sugar Skull

Pinta tu propia calaverita de azúcar y dedícasela a un antepasado o a un ser querido. ¿Por qué azúcar? Alrededor de México, el Día de los Muertos es una celebración de recuerdos alegres, y lo dulce del azúcar nos trae recuerdos de alegría.

Calaveritas de Azúcar / Sugar Skulls

Aprende acerca de la celebración del Día de los Muertos y sus tradiciones. Pinta tu propia calaverita de azúcar y dedícasela a un antepasado o a un ser querido. ¿Por qué azúcar?

Cards, Invitations & Flyers, Oh My!

Ever wanted to make your own greeting cards, invitations or flyers?
After taking the class, you will know how to use Microsoft Word to complete your own project.

The class will cover how to: 

Central Library Eco-Roof Tour

The eco-roof is not accessible to the public. Frequent backstage tours allow you to see the roof from windows overlooking the eco-roof. The 20-minute tour begins at the first floor Welcome Desk.

Central Library Tour

Learn the history of our 150-year-old library system [founded 1864] and experience the beauty and grandeur of our 101-year-old Central Library [opened 1913].

Charlotte's Waxy Book

Make a rich and mysterious art assemblage with an old book, encaustic medium(beeswax and damar resin) and a Frozen Charlotte doll! Your 3-D art piece will also incorporate, oil paint, found objects, recycled materials and specialty papers.

Chess @ Holgate Library

Nine Reasons to Play Chess at Holgate Library: