Fri, Aug 21, 2015
10:00 to 11:00

First come, first served.


Engage in stimulating conversation about books, exchange perspectives about characters and plot, and get to know your neighbors.

Read Anonymous Sources by Mary Louise Kelly. Alexandra James, devoted reporter for the New England Examiner, is attractive, exceptionally smart, an experienced high-end shoe shopper, and used to getting what she wants. When she is assigned to cover the death of a Harvard student doing his year abroad, the whirlwind investigation takes her to Cambridge, London, and then to Washington, D.C. The globe-trotting adventures suit her well, as Alex has always been able to talk her way into anywhere, sleep with anyone she fancies, and both out-drink and out-shop her demons. But when the circumstances surrounding the student's death point to something more nefarious than a suicide, Alex the hunter soon becomes Alex the hunted. And she must race to find a dangerous killer before she becomes the next victim.

Pageturners is sponsored by Friends of the Library.

Target audience:

Adults, 50+

Event type:

Book clubs & discussion groups