Name That Tree! Get to Know the Trees in Your Neighborhood


Sun, Apr 27, 2014
1:30 to 3:00

Registration required.

planting trees

Ever stopped to think about that tree in front of your house? How about those that shade the schoolyard or your walk to the bus stop? Every day Portlanders walk, bike, bus or drive past thousands of trees. They shade our streets and homes, filter water and air, and provide habitat to urban wildlife. Portland is a Tree City USA, home to a diverse and growing urban canopy. Do you know their names? How or why they were planted here? What will they look like in the fall ... in the winter? Get on a first-name basis with the urban forest in this fun session with your Neighborhood Tree Stewards. We'll teach you how to use a tree identification book, and then you'll take your new skills for a walk! The first half of this program will take place in the library, the second half will be a short walk exploring the neighborhood's trees.

The Sibley Guide to Trees by David Sibley

Trees to Know in Oregon by Edward C. Jensen

The Urban Tree Book: An Uncommon Field Guide for City and Town by Arthur Plotnik

What Tree is That? A Guide to the More Common Trees Found in North America by the Arbor Day Foundation

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