Liminal Matter : Fences & Traces, Terri Warpinski & Laura Winter


Tue, Apr 02, 2019 to
Fri, May 17, 2019

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Liminal Matter

The Liminal Matter project is two companion volumes: Fences and Traces.  The Liminal Matter project showcase the pairing of photographs that explore the political borderlands along the US/Mexico border with poems written for a story found in each photo. 

Terri Warpinski’s photographs can be viewed as stark records of the physical evidence of those political concerns between nations and the impact they have on the natural environment. The addition of Laura Winter’s poetry reminds us of the social and psychological impact these borders have on the people who live in their shadows.

Thoughtful pairings of poetry and images offer the viewer opportunities to consider the circumstances from multiple perspectives. Together, the words and images present a contemplative experience of these imposing physical, political and psychological divides.

Terri Warpinski lives in De Pere, Wisconsin, where she maintains a robust studio practice and is a professor emerita of art with the University of Oregon. Laura Winter lives in Portland, Oregon, where she maintains an active writing and performance art practice.

The exhibit is accessible all hours the library is open. Ask any staff person to open the room.

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Adults, 50+

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