Life as Primary Text with Hip Hop Theatre Artist Dahlak Brathwaite


Tue, Apr 25, 2017
6:30 to 8:00

First come, first served.


Meet nationally acclaimed visiting hip hop theatre artist Dahlak Brathwaite and explore the role of personal narrative in writing for hip hop in this workshop for teens and adults.

Hear significant examples of how some of hip-hop's most impactful artists have drawn on personal narratives to inspire their work. Re-imagine your own personal narrative in order to speak to their society with relevance.  Free yourself from being "bound" to the facts, and instead use your imagination to highlight or accent the parts of your story that can make your desired impact.

This workshop is offered in conjunction with public performances of Mr. Brathwaite's Hip Hop theatre play Spiritrials, presented by Boom Arts, at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center on April 21-22 & 27-30.

Target audience:

Adults, Teens