A Lens on Contemporary Indigenous Art & Culture

Kaila Farrell-Smith
Ka'ila Farrell-Smith

Meet Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, a contemporary Klamath Modoc artist born in Ashland, raised in Eugene, and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Ka'ila utilizes painting and traditional Pacific Northwest Indigenous art forms, like basket weaving and carving. Her work explores the space that exists in-between the Indigenous and western world, examining their cultural interpretations of aesthetics, symbols, and place. It is in this space that she searches for her visual language: violent, expressive, beautiful, contrasting marks that record her contemporary Indigenous identity and experience.

In the 2 hour presentation, Ka’ila will present about her current art practice and teaching philosophy, as well as give an overview of inter-sectional Indigenous, people of color (POC) artists and collectives. This will focus on strategy and practices that actively re-indigenize and decolonize the process of creating, while interrupting the narrow view of art and culture in a time of soulless brand consumption and neglect for our shared humanity and Earth.



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Lectures & author talks