The Journey Of George The Garden Gnome

Mr.Gladys, an old Man, is bored of his garden and has lost his inspiration. He's thinking of removing the garden and putting in some low maintenance bushes.  Afraid of just being recycled or thrown away George, a happy garden gnome lawn ornament, sets off on an adventure to try and find new inspiration for the poor old man. He talks to his neighbor Fernando, a plastic pink flamingo, and with his suggestion sets out to find the root of humanity's inspiration. He meets city sculptures, a scare crow, gargoyles and even a trio of woodland hags.

The hags tell him to ask Hagdelin Magdalin. But is she as scary as everyone says she looks? Or does she actually have a heart of gold? Find out in this inspirational show!

Target audience:

Families, Grades K-5, Kids, Parents

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