Hot Process Soap Making

Patchouli soap

Have fun while learning to safely make your own handmade soap at home with wholesome, nourishing, all natural ingredients. Hot process soap is the oldest form of soap making, dating back over 5000 years, and was how true soap was made until “soap” became industrialized in the 1950’s when, in order to make soap economical to produce, they changed soap into detergents made with artificial colorants, fragrances, and man-made ingredients. If our ancestors were able to make natural, healthy soap you can too. We will cover the process of saponification, natural ways to color and fragrance soap,and how to do it all safely. Additional topics may include working with goat’s milk and choosing oils. You will leave with the confidence to make your own, along with written procedures, recipes and soap to take home. Class is taught by SELLWOOD bodycare owner Kent Bromenschenkel.



Participation is free. No library card required.

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